Learning Support Program

At All Saints, we understand that each student is unique and may have diverse learning needs. Our dedicated Learning Coach, Mrs. Jeanne LeTourneau (Coach L.), provides personalized support, fostering academic, spiritual, and emotional growth within the framework of our Catholic values. What we provide:

Individualized Academic Support:

  • Conduct assessments to identify learning needs.
  • Develop personalized learning plans to address academic challenges.
  • Implement interventions to enhance student performance.

Behavioral and Emotional Support:

  • Implement positive behavior reinforcement strategies.
  • Provide counseling for students facing behavioral or emotional challenges.

Collaboration with Teachers:

  • Consult with teachers to address specific learning needs.
  • Support teachers in implementing effective teaching methodologies.

Parental Engagement:

  • Maintain open communication with parents on student progress.
  • Provide tools to empower parents in supporting their child's growth.

Curriculum Enhancement:

  • Identify opportunities for curriculum enrichment.
  • Differentiate instruction to meet diverse learning styles.

Data Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Regularly assess student progress and maintain detailed records.
  • Generate comprehensive reports for informed decision-making.

Professional Development:

  • Stay informed about the latest educational trends.
  • Collaborate with other educators to share best practices.

At All Saints, you will witness the transformative impact on your child’s academic, spiritual, and personal development. Together, we work to create an environment where every student can thrive.

Meet Coach L! 

As the Learning Coach for All Saints School, I come with 30+ years of Education experience. I began my career as the creator of the Francis Howell School District’s Early Childhood Education program. I wrote, developed, and taught in the preschool for 14 years where I further developed the Minds in Motion program for children who were just 3 years old. In 2012, I heard the calling to work in Catholic Education. I moved to Sacred Heart in Troy where I again created, developed, and taught in their newly built preschool. After retiring in 2022, I still had the desire to work with children. I was called to All Saints where I now work with teachers, children, and parents to help nurture a love for learning and to guide our students in their journey. God has blessed me with the ability and opportunity to be a part of this faith filled community that I now call home.