Welcome, Little Learners!

We nurture a child's love for Jesus and appreciation for the gifts God has given us.

Childhood is such a wonderful time of exploration and learning. One of the things we enjoy most is watching young learners as they light up at each new discovery and accomplishment. Our teachers will guide your child in this exploration through hands-on activities and engagement. Students will be encouraged to develop in mind, body, and spirit.

Our preschool program celebrates the child while also providing key foundational skills for later learning. Preschoolers attend mass, visit our school library, utilize our SMART Boards and ipads, and participate in physical activity inside and outdoors. Our teachers provide the love and nurturing your child needs and deserves to feel welcome, happy, and successful. Meet our Preschool Teachers below!

Preschool Overview

Children and adults learn best through hands-on experiences with people, materials, events, and ideas. The experiences that we will provide are those which reflect the child’s interests and developmental abilities-ensuring that we are meeting the needs of the individual child. These developmental practices provide the framework for learning that is necessary for all children to be successful. Educational concepts are embedded in play experiences, teacher-led activities, and intentional learning moments.

Differentiated Instruction

We know that not all children learn the same way so we use a learning style approach to instruction. By teaching a concept in multiple ways: through stories, pictures, and hands-on activities, we can better meet the needs of all learners. By varying the tasks and complexity, we can also reach children at their own readiness levels. 

Project Construct

This is derived from the belief that learning is a lifelong process in which learners construct knowledge through interactions with their physical and social environments. Through “hands-on”, “minds-on” learning experiences students attain a deeper understanding in the core content areas, while also learning to work collaboratively with adults and peers in vibrant and enthusiastic environments. 

Literacy and Language

Each day, your child will explore the sounds of language through songs, props, finger puppets, rhyming words, and letter sounds. Children will begin to understand that written words have meaning and begin to recognize and identify symbols, letters, and sounds.

To further promote literacy development for all of our children, we encourage communication (speaking, listening, and self-expression) and a love of books by providing experiences through reading, story extensions, and dramatic play.

Math and Science

We will help your child think, reason, and question through hands-on experiences while building intellectual concepts around the ideas of patterns, relationships, numbers, and matching. Your child will learn about his or her world through experiments, technology, and the 5 senses. 

Social Skills

Through our Catholic Faith students will explore how we are all children of God. They will learn to build positive relationships with family, friends, and teachers. Children learn how to become close to God through prayer, worship, and actions. Your child will become a vital member of the class and school community. 


Your child will explore creativity through art, music, movement, drama, cooking, and construction. 

Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Gross motor skills will be addressed through activities that involve movement, balance, and coordination. Fine Motor skills will focus on drawing, cutting, and beginning writing. 


We use a nurturing and child-centered system focused on personal choices and logical consequences. We encourage responsibility, set clear expectations, and teach children to make good choices.