All Saints Shalom Club

What is Shalom Club?

All Saints Shalom Club is a community that focuses on peace and harmony in our world. It is a Charter Member of the Shalom Club International Network and is founded by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. In all different countries, in all different languages, in all different cultures, Shalom Club is woven. We work to promote local and international peace, justice, and the integrity of creation as we work to spread Jesus’ Gospel message.

Become A Member

Join the Shalom Club at All Saints School for an enriching experience open to students in grades 5th through 8th. This dedicated group of young minds gathers to contemplate issues of peace and justice, actively selecting meaningful actions to amplify their impact. The Shalom Club fosters connections with fellow clubs worldwide, organized by the School Sisters of Notre Dame, as they collectively pursue the noble mission of promoting peace and justice.

Members of the Shalom Club serve as inspirational ambassadors of peace within the school, parish, and community. They embody the principles of peace by championing justice and demonstrating a commitment to environmental stewardship. Grounded in prayer and guided by the Gospels and the mission of Jesus, these students, as beacons of hope, manifest peace through the thoughtful activities they initiate and support.