Leadership and Interpersonal Engagement

Student and Teacher Collaborations

At All Saints, students embark on a dynamic learning journey that involves collaboration with multiple teachers throughout the week in specialized classes. This unique experience begins in 4th grade, where students switch teachers and classes daily, spending dedicated 90-minute sessions in each subject area. This pivotal point in their education marks the beginning of class rotation, laying a solid foundation for embracing diverse teaching styles and expectations expected in our junior high classes and beyond.

Shared Special Activities

Beyond this innovative approach to instruction, our 4th-8th grades actively participate in a multitude of shared activities. This includes attending special classes, religious instruction, priest-led sessions, engaging science experiments, festive holiday activities, choir performances, and moments of adoration, among many other enriching experiences.

Faith Families

Across our Kindergarten through 8th grades, students actively engage in quarterly Faith Family activities. During these sessions, one to two students from each grade level come together as one big family to explore and embody the virtue highlighted for that quarter. The gatherings are not just about understanding the virtue intellectually; they are about discovering practical ways to integrate it into their lives. Together, students embark on activities designed to celebrate and reinforce the virtue, fostering a sense of unity and shared values. The genuine enthusiasm of our students for these interactions is evident, as they eagerly embrace the opportunity to connect, learn, and grow together.

Our School Buddy System

At our school, we've implemented a buddy system that fosters a positive and supportive environment by pairing older students with their younger counterparts. Specifically, our 7th and 8th graders form connections with our preschool friends, creating mentoring bonds. Likewise, our 5th graders partner with Kindergarten students, and our 4th graders team up with 1st graders during masses and school-wide events. This thoughtful approach not only encourages positive role modeling but also strengthens a sense of camaraderie and community across different grade levels.

Engaging and Enriching Field Trips

Engaging and enriching field trips for kindergarten through 8th grades are carefully crafted experiences that go beyond traditional classroom learning, providing students with hands-on, immersive opportunities to explore, discover, and connect with the world around them. This ensures that our field trips are not only educational but also memorable and enriching for students.