Sacramental Preparation

At All Saints, we have meticulously crafted sacrament programs for First Communion and Confirmation, providing a thoughtfully designed and educational process to guide students through these pivotal milestones in their spiritual journey.

First Communion

In preparing for First Communion, our 2nd grade students engage in age-appropriate religious education classes that cover the significance of the Eucharist, the Real Presence of Christ, and the basics of the Catholic faith. Parental involvement is encouraged through meetings and workshops, while our First Communion retreat provides a spiritual environment for reflection. Our students participate in the sacrament of Reconciliation, fostering an understanding of forgiveness and God's mercy. The culmination is the joyous First Communion celebration during a Mass in May attended by families, teachers, and peers.


For Confirmation, our 8th grade students undergo a more comprehensive religious education and formation program. This includes theological exploration of Catholic teachings, morality, and the role of the Holy Spirit. A service and outreach component encourages students to manifest their faith through community service and charitable activities. Each candidate selects a sponsor, typically a confirmed Catholic, for mentorship. Our Luke 18 Confirmation retreat offers a dedicated time for reflection and prayer, fostering a deeper spiritual connection. The Confirmation ceremony at the Catherdral Basilic, involves anointing with chrism oil, the laying on of hands, and the reception of the Gift of the Holy Spirit, marking a significant milestone in the students' journey of faith.